Ethnic tent


■ Specification
> length 4.98m、 width 4.19m
> Top height 2.78m, side height 1.68m
> Volume:0.15m3
> Number of pieces: 4
■ Main material
> Weight:100kg
>The fabric is polyester silk, white waterproof canvas
>Ground poles, and vertical poles use Φ25mm x 1.0mm
white welded steel pipe
>Tee, cross and other connecting pipe fittings adopt white
welded steel pipe with a diameter of Φ29mm*1.0mm. ■ Brief introduction
The ethnic tent is full of Tibetan characteristics of the
plateau, a collection of traditional Tibetan craftsmanship, which adopts advanced thermal transfer digital printing to
reflect ethnic characteristics, and it is a tent with ethnic
characteristics for tourism/sightseeing/outdoor leisure. This ethnic characteristic tent has the characteristics of
heat preservation, UV resistance, wind resistance , rain and
snow resistance. >The tent structure is a rectangular four-slope vertical
wall construction style, the tent is a plug-in frame
structure, and the bottom of the column is all equipped
with floor-to-ceiling crossbars. >It can be used safely under its own weight and level 8
wind load. >The digital printing process of ethnic tent can realize the
printing effect of high-end printing on textile fabrics.