class cotton

> Tent: length 4.4m、width 4.6m
>Top height 2.62m, side height 1.45m
> Volume:0.42m3
> Number of pieces: 3
> Weight:110kg
■ Main material
>The fabric is 28*2/28*2 polyester, grass green waterproofcanvas
> The rod adopts 25mm x 1.2mm welded square tube
> Connecting parts adopt 30mm x 1.2mm welded square tube
■ Brief introduction
Military tents, also known as cotton tents, construction tents, and civilian tents, belong to one type of tent. They aredivided into single tents and cotton tents in terms of specifications. They are general-purpose tent products for both military and civilian use. They are used for long-term/short-term residential use during field training,investigation, camping, prospecting, construction, disaster relief, and flood prevention.
>The tent is a rectangular double-slope vertical wall construction style, and the tent frame is a half-frame structure.
>It can be used safely under its own weight and level 8 wind load.
>It has the characteristics of rainproof, moistureproof,warmth, sunshade, etc.
>There are square windows on the side walls, and gauze nets are installed to prevent mosquitoes.The tent structure is simple, with good versatility of the spare parts, and it is easy to unfold. The erection can be completed in 30 minutes/10 people, and the withdrawal canbe completed in 15 minutes/10 people.