18m2 cotton tent for disaster relief


Product No.:HSJZ—3005
Product name:18m2 cotton tent for disaster relief
Specification size:4.47m x 3.99m x 2.85m x 1.7m

■ Specification

> Specification length 3.7m、width 3.2m

> Top height 2.67m、side height 1.75m(Specifications can be customized)

> Volume:0.12m3

> Number of pieces: 2

> Weight:65kg

■ Main material

>The fabric is 333dtex x 333dtex PVC polyester coated fabric, sky-blue color

>Universal poles, ground poles and vertical poles use Φ25mm x 1.0mm welded steel pipe

>Tee, cross and other connecting pipe fittings adopt welded steel pipe with a diameter of Φ28mmx10mm

>The awning pole adopts welded steel pipe with a diameter of Φ19mm x 1.0mm

■ Brief introduction

The disaster relief emergency tent is a tent for disaster relief command, post-disaster emergency medical

treatment, temporary school buildings, transfer storage of disaster relief materials and personnel accommodation. It is safe to use under its own weight and level 8 wind load, and the continuous service life can reach more than 2 years.

>The tent is a rectangular double-slope vertical wall construction style.

>Open one triangular window on the gable wall of the door, Open one triangular window and one square window on the gable wall, open two square windows on each side wall.

>The side walls can be erected to form a sun canopy, and the whole tent is pulled up by ropes and reinforced with triangular piles.

>The canopy frame is a plug-in frame structure, and there are floor cross bars around the bottom of the column.

>It has the characteristics of rainproof, moistureproof, windproof, sunshade,